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Infant Program:

(6 weeks to 18 months)

Infants in our program are encouraged to explore their surroundings through many sensory activities and play. Teachers incorporate singing and reading with children daily, including art projects with the older infants. Daily notes are sent home with children describing the child's day so parents have insight into their day.

Toddler Program:

(18 months to 2 years 9 months)

Our toddler program is designed to keep children active and constantly engaged. Language and developing social skills with peers is encouraged through play and music. This program follows a thematic unit that focuses on colors, numbers, counting, shapes and letters. Children are also encouraged to be creative in daily art projects. Teachers assist children and parents with potty training when ready.

Preschool Program:

(3 to 4 years)

Each month children work on a variety of skills through thematic units. These units include teaching colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Children also explore math, creative art/movement, science and language concepts monthly. Preschool children also build fine and large motor skills through play and teachers encourage growth in social and self-help skills.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Programs:

(4 to 5 years)

Children focus on recognizing and writing upper and lower case letters as well as sounding out letters and learning sight words. Children work on counting and recognizing numbers as well as adding and subtracting objects. Art and creativity are included in each monthly curriculum as well as music and movement. This program also works on social and self-help skills.

Sunshine Fun Camp:

(3 to 5 years, Summer months)

Children work on preschool skills learned during the school year in a fun outdoor environment. Field trips to local parks, indoor gyms, etc are done once a month. Children also get much needed water activities during their day by playing in wading pools, sprinklers and our state of the art "Mist Tent"

Summer Adventure Camp:

(6 yrs to 12 years, Summer months)

Children are kept busy all summer long with this fun and exciting camp!! Children typically go on 3 to 4 field trips each week during the summer months. Swimming trips happen about 2 to 3 times a week. Children are engaged in many outdoor activites such as hiking, biking, mini golf, canoeing, trips to zoos, polar caves, etc. Children also learn about wildlife and the great outdoors of NH!!

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